Business Coaching Services

My business coaching is tailored to your current business challenges. Our focus will depend on what you are looking to achieve in your business, and the stage of business you’re in:

You want to build awareness and credibility

  • you have a clear vision and big, bold dreams for your business
  • you are tired of having inconsistent revenues from month to month
  • you don’t have an integrated business development plan to grow your business in a predictable manner
  • you LOVE what you do, and don’t want to go back to get a job

Our sessions will focus exclusively on business development. Why? Because if you can’t bring in revenues, it doesn’t matter if you have the best widget or invention in the world. Without an integrated business development plan, your business won’t survive and thrive.

We will work through your business development plan so that you are clear on how to differentiate yourself and position yourself in a way that attracts your ideal clients, every time.

You want systems

  • you want better margins and more predictability in your business
  • you want a business that is sustainable (growing revenues without working longer hours)
  • you want a business that is scalable (expanding to multiple locations without you running it)

Our sessions will focus on systematizing your business, so you can focus on areas of your strength, and outsourcing items that are done by you but shouldn’t be done by you. We will work on improving efficiencies and systematizing the various functions in your business. The goal of our coaching is to build your business to runs on systems which are not dependant on you. (My secret goal for you is to take holidays when you want without your business falling apart)

You want to expand

  • people have been asking to use your ideas in their business
  • your staff wants to become partners
  • you want to expand your business to different locations
  • you are exploring franchising and licensing

We will work through different options for you to grow, in a way that aligns with your purpose for growth.  Growth inherently stresses your existing systems, so we will build a plan so that you can manage and control the pace, the resources, and map out strategies and models for growth that is the right fit for you.

Take The Next Step

If any of the above applies to you, we should go for coffee or chat over a phone call. My clients include entrepreneurs in the first few years of their business striving for consistent profitability, to established firms wanting to expand, grow, or license their services and products. If systematic growth is your objective, I am ready to deliver proven business coaching techniques designed to benefit you, your team and your bottom line. I’d love to learn more about your business, and share with you strategies that will work for you, with no strings attached. I only take on clients that are the right fit, so even if we don’t work together, you’ll go away with loads of ideas and clear action steps on what to do next.

Contact me at felicia [at] candeo [dot] ca today to take that first step towards having predictable growth in your business.