What People are Saying

Felicia Lee is exactly what my business needed to take it to the next level. Her expertise in business strategy and step by step systems lead me to licensing my business for the scalability I needed to follow my vision. Her continued coaching around licensing strategies is making my business goals and dreams a reality. I was stuck before I met Felicia and quite frankly ready to give up. With the help of Felicia my business was packaged for licensing and 2 locations sold within six months. I highly recommend Felicia; she is one of my greatest investments.”
– Louise Green, Body Exchange

Felicia helped me immensely with organizing all the ideas and priorities I have about my business, my clients, and my business development process. She brought everything together into a system that made me say “whew! now I can see the picture and the path.”. Felicia is so intuitively sharp too. I brought her many scenarios (pricing, product, business development), thinking I ‘knew’ what the options were and just needed her help to determine which one to pursue. She often came up with a better option – and one that was even more suited to MY own personality and work style. Felicia is a great business coach, especially for those looking to leverage and package their knowledge to reach more people without trading straight hours for dollars. Thanks Felicia.
– Cristi Cooke, www.cristicooke.com

Felicia was my business coach for a year and a half and my investment in her services paid me back dividends. She has deep insight on streamlining operations as well as unparallelled advice for driving sales. As someone who works closely with moms, Felicia also has the added perspective of what it’s like to juggle a family while managing a business. I highly recommend Felicia.”

– Christine Pilkington, Vancouvermom.ca

Felicia has been our business coach for Peekaboo Beans for a year. From the first day that we met I knew she would be the right person to support us to take our business to the next level. Since then, Felicia has provided the structure, guidance, and support for me and my entire team to launch and grow successfully with a new business model. Our sessions with Felicia always leave us with a clear direction and plan on what to focus on next. I love Felicia’s ability to keep us focused (we often like to divert to discussions of shoes and shopping)! I am extremely grateful that Felicia came into my life when she did, she is research driven and solution oriented. I would highly recommend anyone serious about growing their business to work with her!”

– Traci Costa, Peekaboo Beans

My company, L2 Accent Reduction Centre, hired Felicia as our business coach last year. She has been instrumental in the growth of our business, and helped us to explore opportunities that we would not have otherwise pursued. Regardless of what stage a person might be at in their business, Felicia has the experience to help companies achieve their revenue goals. I would highly recommend Felicia to any entrepreneur.”

– Jennifer Madigan, L2 Accent

I highly recommend Felicia. She has extensive Executive Management experience working in large corporations along with understanding small business owners needs and demands. Felicia is a constant professional, is prompt and direct and ensures that the advice she gives is accurate and impactful. I strongly recommend using Felicia as a business coach or business consultant.

– Gary Lok, Integritas Security Group

It has been a pleasure meeting Felicia and working with her in a variety of capacities through my business Raspberry Kids, as a member and speaker in the Vancouver Chapter of Enterprising Moms Network as well as her role as my business coach through Ghost CEO.

Felicia is the consummate professional but what I really appreciate about her is that she also “gets” my business and can adapt her style to my needs. I’ve worked with her mostly for my small business but she also has a significant amount of experience with and understands businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Beyond her creative solutions, Felicia boasts a network of resources that seems limitless. If she doesn’t know the answer, she knows someone who does and is a master at connecting people who can benefit from knowing one another. This is an incredible talent and adds a lot of value to her coaching offering.

I attribute Felicia’s far reaching network to her extraordinary networking abilities and her commitment to her own professional develop and lifelong learning. Felicia’s capacity to ingest and process information, concepts and strategies is one of her most amazing skills. She is hyper organized and an exceptional time manager.

Felicia is an over achiever in anything and everything she gets involved in and her skillset is extensive. She is sure to add value to any business she works with and I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend her to anyone looking to take their business to new heights.”

– Sue Sinclair, Raspberry Kids

Felicia is a great business adviser. She helped me think like a business owner not as a designer, working with me to establish systems and repeatable processes that will help my business thrive. She helped shape my business plan by bringing the ideas I had out of my head and on the page.”

– Shawn Parkinson, MakeToday

Felicia is currently my business advisor and mentor. She has excellent listening skills, and a strongly empathetic nature that allows her to identify the key issues regarding any problems I encounter. I find her advice regarding how to market my business to be both practical and useful, and her Enterprising Mom’s Network Vancouver chapter is both fantastic as a networking and a learning opportunity.”

– Anne Cabrera, Sowing Seeds Accounting

Felicia has been very professional, creative and thorough. She has helped my company in the business modeling, marketing strategic planning and it all works out well to my expectation! Thanks Felicia for your assistance.”

– Peter Pang, Canada and I Immigration Consultant

I highly recommend considering Felicia for business coaching as she specializes in successful entrepreneurs looking to take that next step or challenge. Felicia’s analytical background works well in pinning down the systems and processes crucial to bringing order to our business, but she does so in a down-to-earth manner which it easy to work with her. Kiwano looks forward to working with Felicia in the coming months.

-Cecilia Lu, Kiwano Marketing

I starting working with Felicia in December 2010. As a business coach Felicia is outstanding. She provides clear, insightful feedback. Provides amazing resources and key networking opportunities. Felicia offers excellent value, exceptional service and is clearly client focused. I would not be ready to launch my business with confidence without Felicia. I leave every session focused, inspired and grateful I hired her as a coach.

– Dave Savage, Essential Hospitality Systems

Felicia is the crème de la crème and working with her has been the best business decision I have made to date. If you want your business to soar and to make more money then I highly recommend you do the same.

– Jennifer Trecartin, My Edible Advice

Felicia has a wealth of knowledge about running a successful business. She goes above and beyond to get results for her clients. She has provided me with many valuable connections. I highly recommend Felicia to anyone looking to get ahead and create lasting success in their business.

– Ranka Burzan, Solutions Organizing