How to Move Beyond Credibility to Profitability

You’ve had success bringing in business. Yet sales are inconsistent. You’re working crazy hard, but not making much money. Getting new clients seems more costly than it should be. It feels as if you’re actually making less now than you did as an employee!

Here are insights that will help you manage your cash flow.

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How to Enjoy Leverage and the Benefits it Brings

You’ve been successful at building a business that’s profitable and runs well (even without you around). Now you’re wondering what’s next. Maybe it’s time to expand to different markets, or to license or franchise your model.

I’m experienced at helping you structure your business so it can be easily scaled and licensed.

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The foundation may not be pretty, but it’s there for a reason


Here’s a common question I get from prospective clients “So, Felicia, if I work with you, how long will it be before I start seeing results?“ Everyone has a different business vision.  Some want to build businesses that are the size of skyscrapers, others want simple shacks, quick and easy.  Some want their businesses to […]

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Why aren’t more people referring me?

We know that word of mouth is the best marketing system. Why do some businesses generate so much business from word-of-mouth referrals, and other businesses don’t?

When someone refers you, they are taking a risk. When they tell their friends, colleagues, or clients about you, they are putting their own reputation on the line. They are basically trusting that you won’t let them down. If you make a mistake or under deliver, they look bad by giving a bad referral.

How do they know that you won’t let them down?

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Dealing With Setbacks

My 5-year-old daughter started her skating lessons last week.  She had been eager and excited, having begged me for lessons for months because her best friends know how to skate and it looked like a lot of fun.

Boy, was it ever a rude awakening.  She realized within 10 minutes of her first class that standing up on skates, on ice, was not so easy.  Her feet were not accustomed to the tight laces, the ice is more slippery than she thought, and falling down actually hurt more than she imagined. Here’s how her experience relates to success in business.

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If you want to accomplish great success in business, you’ve got to hone your ability to FOCUS. How good are you at: having discipline in finishing what you started? filtering out what doesn’t contribute to your business and life goals? being confident about why you’re doing what you’re doing? knowing how to keep your motivation […]

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How easy should things be?

Ahhhhh … easy, easy like Sunday morning … How easy are things for you right now? Are you cruising along, enjoying the view and feeling the wind blowing in your hair? Or are things kind of chaotic, tough, grinding? Clients sometime ask me – how easy should things be? Good question.  How easy do you […]

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Shake hands with me, shake hands with my network

Here’s a subtle but important thing to remember about why it’s important to continue to grow your network: you are not only meeting someone for the first time, but you are potentially meeting their entire network. So, if you meet one person, and they know 300 people, you are also potentially meeting those 300 people […]

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Taking Ownership


A nice young gentleman approached me after a speaking engagement and asked “Felicia, may I ask you, since I know you are a licensee of GhostCEO … I want to know, do they give you leads?”  I said “No, I get my own leads based on GhostCEO business development tools, these same tools that I […]

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Why You?

“Don’t worry about your competition.” When a client brings up competitors, and how upset they are that someone just entered their market offering the same product/service, that’s what I reply with.  I also say the same thing when a client wants to go into a new market where they are worried about incumbent or existing […]

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