Losing Your Audience? Check your Headlines

Ever feel that despite detailed explanations on the features and benefits of what you offer, prospective clients or customers don’t buy?  A quick tip: ask yourself if they are engaged? In a sales meeting, it is completely normal for business owners to be very excited about their products, and they want to convey their enthusiasm […]

Building Systems in Your Business

So you’ve read The E-myth, have attended a recent GhostCEO Coaches Corner event, and learned the virtues of implementing systems in order to build a sustainable and scalable business model.  You might even be thinking about how to build models so you can license down the road. Perhaps a nagging thought comes up: what I […]

Analysis Paralysis

Recently, a client was discussing whether to take action or to spend more time analyzing different options to pursue.  It reminded me of meeting someone who had been working on a business plan for 4 years, and wanted my opinion on whether she was ready to launch. It was the most beautiful plan ever.  Everything […]

How Do I Raise Prices?

I get this question quite often from my clients, here is a great post from Chris Flett on how to raise prices without raising eyebrows.  Enjoy!


At this time of year, many clients are going through an annual review of how their year went.  What went well, what didn’t, what should be done differently for 2011, etc.  As you reflect on how your year went, what are some of the things that you are proud of?  What are some items that […]

How Do You Find Your Customers?

Do you proactively find your customers, or do they find you?  Read more about Creating a System to Find Your Customers on the Crave Company blog.

Stop Procrastination!

How many tasks are on your To-Do lists that you are procrastinating on?  Here are a few ideas to help you get started to combat procrastination: Don’t be a perfectionist.  Settle for the 90% solution! Have a problem getting started?  Pick one small portion of one task to get started. Have a problem completing a […]

On being optimistic

We put so much focus into protection and security in our physical lives.  We install locks on our doors, security systems to monitor our homes and businesses, and we set up passwords to protect our information.  It amazes me that we don’t nearly do the same for our mind.  What negative thoughts do you allow […]

Which Wolf Will You Feed?

An elder Native American Chief was telling a story to his grandchild.  He said “There are two wolves fighting inside of me.  One wolf stands for anger, fear, doubt, regret, self-pity, and inferiority.  The other wolf stands for courage, joy, compassion, confidence, kindness, and generosity.  These two wolves fight every day.” When his grandchild asks, […]

6 Steps to Overcoming Client Objections

No one likes being rejected, so I hear about this fear very often during coaching sessions.  Sometimes a client fears it so much that it stops them from calling or contacting prospects completely.  Most times, once they understand that objections are a good thing, with a little nudging, they get over the fear. Yes, objections […]