Talking Money With Clients

At yesterday’s Coaches Corner, we had a full house of entrepreneurs discussing the topic “Talking Money With Clients”.  Here is the gist if you missed it: 1)  Many are fine with talking about their company, services and products, but when it comes to pricing and money, they feel awkward 2) If you are uncomfortable asking […]

If at first you don’t succeed …

I say these phrases to my children all the time when they are learning a new skill or mastering an exercise: Try again.  You’re doing great.  You just need a few more tries.  You’re almost there.  Don’t give up now, you’re so close.  I know you can do it. The very same thing applies when […]

Don’t Take It So Personally

On a clear, crisp, fall day last week, I sat in my favorite cafe with a nice cup of Chai, waiting for someone – an Executive Director with a large non-profit organization.  He had e-mailed earlier the week before, wanting to brainstorm a few items on his mind. He was a bit late, and after […]

Are you playing small?

Here is the third in the five part series.  Today we discuss: “Are You Playing Small” in your business?

Top Mistakes that Mom Entrepreneurs Make – Part 2

Here is part 2 of 5 on top mistakes that entrepreneurs make on Entrepreneur Mom Now.  How do you fare when it comes to managing your time?

Top 5 Mistakes that Mom Entrepreneurs Make

I’m thrilled to be a resident business coach for Entrepreneur Mom Now, a site dedicated to supporting mom entrepreneurs in various cities across Canada with local profiles, events, and business advice.  Moms in business now have a local portal dedicated to covering topics that pertain to moms running businesses. I will be covering topics on […]

Keys to Success

I spent the last weekend as a Teaching Assistant at a coaching intensive course with more than over 40 coaching colleagues and trainers.  One of my colleagues, Guido Furlani, from White Eagle Coaching, gave a short but yet powerful session on the Keys to Success over a lunch break, which I must share with you […]

Design the outcome you want to achieve

In a recent conversation with a good friend and life coach, Tania from Integral Connections, I shared that my overloaded Spring/Summer schedule was causing increasing crankiness.  At the end of a typical work day, I went home tired and wanting to crawl into bed.  Tania asked me a series of questions, and what became clear […]

You don’t learn to ride a bike from reading a manual

When people find out that I’m a business coach, they often get excited and then want to share their “million dollar idea” with me, as long as I promise not to tell anyone.  In fact, there was once when someone e-mailed and wanted business coaching, but asked how they can be sure I wouldn’t just […]

When will I arrive?

I’ve been frequenting The Bar Method for the last few months.  It’s my favorite exercise – you get results, the workouts are efficient and never boring, and I just love the spa-like facility! When talking to the owner, Carolyn, after the end of a challenging workout, I asked her “So when does it ever get […]