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What is Business Coaching and how does it work?

Candeo means to shine, to glow, to be brilliant.  Based in Vancouver, BC, and serving clients across Canada and USA, my mission is to empower you to bring predictable and exceptional growth to your business.  If you are a business owner who has a clear vision on wanting to grow your business, but you’re stuck, or overwhelmed with how to make it happen and what to focus on next, you’ve come to the right place.

How do I support you to grow?  I focus on exactly what your business needs right now.

What does your business need right now?  Let’s start with your biggest challenges, the ones that are keeping you up at night. Here are the five major categories that come up most often for my clients:

1. Visibility

You are working on building market awareness for your business.   You might be experiencing:

  • No one is responding to your marketing
  • You don’t know how to bring business in
  • You’re not sure what you’re supposed to do
  • You have too much competition
  • You’re not getting phone calls
  • You hate going to events because you’re not sure what to say at events
  • You don’t really understand how to build a business

Your problem:  Nobody knows you exist

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2. Credibility

The market knows about you, but they are not buying from you (yet).  You might be experiencing:

  • You’re getting brushed off
  • Clients keep on going with another vendor
  • People say they don’t have money to pay you
  • People seem interested, but then they don’t actually buy
  • People complain about your pricing
  • No one seems to understand what you do
  • People are not returning your phone calls

Your problem:  The market doesn’t trust you

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3. Profitability

At this stage, you’ve had some success with bringing in business, however things seem inconsistent.  You might be experiencing:

  • You’re working crazy hard, but not making much money
  • You are either in feast or famine mode
  • You have clients coming in, but not enough
  • Your margins are small
  • Your clients are slow to pay (and sometimes don’t pay)
  • You can’t seem to collect from clients
  • You can’t manage your overhead
  • You are making less now than when you did as an employee

Your problem:  You are not controlling cashflow

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4. Sustainability

You’ve been successful at building up a business, but you are losing sight of what to do next.  You might be experiencing:

  • You’re making money, but you are SO tired
  • You seem to be working all the time
  • When you don’t work you don’t make any money
  • No one else can do what you do
  • You haven’t taken a vacation in a looooooong time
  • You need to figure out a better way to do this
  • You need help but not sure what to do first

Your problem:  You don’t have systems

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5. Scalability

You’ve been successful at building a business that is profitable and runs well (even without you), and you’re wondering what’s next.  You might be experiencing:

  • Your business can run without you, but you need to make more
  • You want to expand to different markets, but you’re not sure how
  • Someone is asking you to license/franchise your model
  • You have staff that want to become partners
  • Someone asked you if they can use your ideas in their business
  • You are thinking about selling …

Your problem:  You don’t have a scalable business model that fits your life goals

Here are more details on Business Coaching Services I provide.

What I Do

I support clients to build VALUE in their business, through:

  • achieve predictable sales through a proven, step-by-step business development system, so you don’t have to rely on trial-and-error to figure out what marketing/sales strategy would work for you.
  • build a business that thrives while having a healthy lifestyle.  You don’t have to work crazy hours to make this happen.
  • move beyond being profitable but plateaued, through creating and leveraging efficient systems.
  • scale your business through tailoring the right business model and expansion strategy for you.
  • develop a licensable business model, so you can scale your business to other cities/regions.

So, in essence, I support you to move your business through the 5 stages of growth.  We may be working on developing an business development plan, or creating systems, or on licensing, depending on what you need, but the underlying theme is predictable growth.  Ultimately, after working with me, my clients’ businesses increase in value.

Want to know more?

Here are more details on Business Coaching Services I provide.