Facing Your Competition

It’s been fascinating watching athletes compete in the Winter 2010 Olympics right here in our backyard. I really enjoy watching the post-race interviews with the winning athletes, where they are asked how they felt, how they prepared, and what went through their minds during the races. Most will speak about the rigorous training they undertook, […]

Making Better Decisions

We often like people that are just like us. We prefer to spend time with them, work with them, and surround ourselves with them. While this is fine in our personal life, it could be a detriment to our business. The most successful leaders know that good decisions are made by examining issues from multiple […]

Speaking Your Customer’s Language

I love talking to different business owners about what they do. There is a big difference between the successful ones and the ones who are struggling. Successful entrepreneurs know how to communicate. A few minutes is usually adequate for them to outline the services they offer and the solutions they are bringing to their target […]

Curiosity – the basis of successful networking

How adventurous are you in trying out new ways of doing things?  Do you try different restaurants all the time, or do you stick to the few that are tried and true when you go out to eat?  Do you drive the same routes from work to home, or do you try out different routes […]

New Year Resolution

It’s a new year, and it’s resolution time.  Do you make them?  Do you keep them? It’s a brand new decade, and I have 2 resolutions: Integrate fitness into my life on a more regular basis Organize my home so I don’t have paper piles everywhere The way to be successful with resolutions is to […]