Why resolutions don’t work and what to do about it

‘Tis the time of year that everyone is talking goals and resolutions, setting intentions, and designing outcomes.  Did you decide what you want to accomplish in 2012? I’ve found that many are giving up on making resolutions because they don’t work or last very long, so why do it because they are sure to be […]

My 3 biggest revelations in 2011

Only a few days left for 2011.  As I recover from the giddiness and celebration that is Christmas, various family gatherings, a short trip away with family and friends, and recounting the number of turkey dishes served a multitude of ways, I am deeply appreciative for the few days with a slower rhythm before the […]

Talking Money With Clients

At yesterday’s Coaches Corner, we had a full house of entrepreneurs discussing the topic “Talking Money With Clients”.  Here is the gist if you missed it: 1)  Many are fine with talking about their company, services and products, but when it comes to pricing and money, they feel awkward 2) If you are uncomfortable asking […]

If at first you don’t succeed …

I say these phrases to my children all the time when they are learning a new skill or mastering an exercise: Try again.  You’re doing great.  You just need a few more tries.  You’re almost there.  Don’t give up now, you’re so close.  I know you can do it. The very same thing applies when […]

Don’t Take It So Personally

On a clear, crisp, fall day last week, I sat in my favorite cafe with a nice cup of Chai, waiting for someone – an Executive Director with a large non-profit organization.  He had e-mailed earlier the week before, wanting to brainstorm a few items on his mind. He was a bit late, and after […]

Are you playing small?

Here is the third in the five part series.  Today we discuss: “Are You Playing Small” in your business?

Top Mistakes that Mom Entrepreneurs Make – Part 2

Here is part 2 of 5 on top mistakes that entrepreneurs make on Entrepreneur Mom Now.  How do you fare when it comes to managing your time?

Top 5 Mistakes that Mom Entrepreneurs Make

I’m thrilled to be a resident business coach for Entrepreneur Mom Now, a site dedicated to supporting mom entrepreneurs in various cities across Canada with local profiles, events, and business advice.  Moms in business now have a local portal dedicated to covering topics that pertain to moms running businesses. I will be covering topics on […]

Keys to Success

I spent the last weekend as a Teaching Assistant at a coaching intensive course with more than over 40 coaching colleagues and trainers.  One of my colleagues, Guido Furlani, from White Eagle Coaching, gave a short but yet powerful session on the Keys to Success over a lunch break, which I must share with you […]

Design the outcome you want to achieve

In a recent conversation with a good friend and life coach, Tania from Integral Connections, I shared that my overloaded Spring/Summer schedule was causing increasing crankiness.  At the end of a typical work day, I went home tired and wanting to crawl into bed.  Tania asked me a series of questions, and what became clear […]