Felicia Lee, M.B.A | Vancouver Business Coach

My clients tell me that I bring clarity, calm overwhelm, and logically map out the path to growth for them.  I love my clients.  They are hidden gems, diamonds-in-the-rough, and entrepreneurs with big hearts, wanting to change the world.  I feel very blessed to do what I do – play a part in supporting their growth, so that they in turn make an even bigger impact in the world.  Their businesses change lives, solve problems, improve the economy, create jobs, and in general, make the world a better place.  It’s cliche, but it’s true.

I like taking on clients that have a cause and a mission.  Their business is much more about making money (although, trust me, that is exactly what we work on in our sessions).  They are authentically passionate about what they do, and they truly want to make a difference for their customers, their staff, and their community.  When someone comes with such passion and I bring in the logical, methodical, systematic approach to enable them to grow, magic happens.

Oh, and here’s the typical (albeit a bit boring) bio

Felicia is the Founder and Principal of Candeo Business Coaching.  Felicia is skilled in creative problem solving, and has a natural ability in inspiring her clients to take their business and professional development to the next level.  Her experience includes building and bringing new services and products into markets, developing business opportunities for entrepreneurs, creating networks and connections for entrepreneurs, and being a mother to two amazing daughters.  She holds an Electrical Engineering degree and an MBA from the University of British Columbia.

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