Information vs. Integration

Information vs. Integration

Are you an information junkie?

Do you subscribe to many newsletters of various gurus, all promising to solve your current challenges and help you make millions with no money down?  Do you read many blogs or books or spend hours on webinars and seminars, hoping to glean more information about how to grow?

Or are you hoping that the next business coach, life coach, internet marketing expert, social media consultant, or entrepreneur-turned-author-turned-speaker you meet will be THE ONE that has the answer to why your business isn’t where you want it to be?

It’s likely that the experts you have met and those you continue to seek out will have the answers to your problems.  They probably do have the information that will make a difference for your business.  But ….

Information does not equal Integration

What makes a real difference in your business is not merely to acquire information, but to leverage information and integrate it into your business. What matters is the process you go through to comprehend, apply, analyze, synthesize, and ultimately integrate the new information in your business processes.

So, the next time you are thinking about working with an expert, consider whether the information will be tied to a process of integration.  Otherwise it’s just more information.


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