Growing Your Business: Choose Your Own Adventure

Growing Your Business:  Choose Your Own Adventure

We sometimes forget that as business owners, we get to choose our own adventure and design a business that fits our vision and mission.

Sure, in every business, you need the essentials:  the product/service that clients need or want, the marketing and sales systems that bring in the revenues, and people and operations to keep things running smoothly.  With every client, I check that the above systems are in place, and if not, we work on what the business needs.

Then, once the basics are in place, we start to co-create the future.  Here is where business meets art.

There is no one formula to grow your business.  Some want to build huge empires with lots of employees, others want to remain freelancers for life.  Some dream of occupying offices with water views and floor-to-ceiling windows, while others want to build virtual teams and take on international projects across multiple continents.  Some want structure and control, while others want things kept free and simple.

The beauty is, you don’t have to live by anyone else’s rules when you grow your business.  You can design it so that it fits your vision and mission and purpose in life.

Here are the questions I ask my clients before we decide on how to grow:

  1. What do you love MOST about your business?  Which parts would you want to do forever because it feeds you, energizes you?  Which parts are you ready to let go?
  2. What are your strengths?  What are your weaknesses?  What areas do you need to bring in support?
  3. In 5-10 years, imagine your business being one hundred times more successful than what it is today.  What would be different?

There are multiple business models for growth, and what’s right for one isn’t right for the other.  Before you embark on implementing the next phase of your business, take sometime to think about whether you will be happy when you get there.

What is the right business model for you?

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