How can a business coach help you grow your business?

Candeo means to shine, to glow, to be brilliant. I’m Felicia Lee, a Vancouver business coach, and I’d love to help you discover your business brilliance.

Empowering you to bring exceptional growth to your business is my mission here at Candeo Business Coaching. If you’re a business owner who has a clear vision on wanting to grow, but you’re stuck, or overwhelmed with how to make it happen and what to focus on next, you’ve come to the right place.

What does your business need right now? Let’s start with your biggest challenges, the ones that are keeping you up at night. We’ll explore the 5 major categories that come up most often.

How do I help you grow?

With the help of a business coach, your business gains value in the following ways:

  • achieving predictable sales through a proven, step-by-step business development system, so you don’t have to rely on trial-and-error to figure out what marketing/sales strategy would work for you.
  • building a business that thrives while having a healthy lifestyle.  You don’t have to work crazy hours to make this happen.
  • moving beyond being profitable but plateaued, through creating and leveraging efficient systems.
  • scaling your business through tailoring the right business model and expansion strategy for you.
  • developing a licensable business model, so you can scale your business to other cities/regions.

We may be working on developing an business development plan, or creating systems, or on licensing, depending on what you need, but the underlying theme is predictable growth.

Ultimately, after working with me, my clients’ businesses increase in value.

Candeo’s strategic approach covers five vital business areas: visibility, credibility, profitability, sustainability and scalability. When you know which of those areas require attention, and you apply a systematic approach to improvement, your business sees tremendous growth far beyond the investment in a business coach.

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