Why aren’t more people referring me?

Why aren’t more people referring me?

We know that word of mouth is the best marketing system.  Why do some businesses generate so much business from word-of-mouth referrals, and other businesses don’t?

When someone refers you, they are taking a risk.  When they tell their friends, colleagues, or clients about you, they are putting their own reputation on the line.  They are basically trusting that you won’t let them down.  If you make a mistake or under deliver, they look bad by giving a bad referral.

How do they know that you won’t let them down?

That’s the million dollar question.  What have you done to give them confidence that you are completely referable?  Here is a quick checklist:

  • Are your clients completely satisfied and delighted with your service?
  • Do you show up on time, do what you say you will do, finish what you start, and say please and thank you?
  • Do they know that you are looking for referrals?
  • Do they know what your ideal clients look like?
  • Have you asked?

What do you need to change to get more referrals?


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