How easy should things be?

How easy should things be?

Ahhhhh … easy, easy like Sunday morning …

How easy are things for you right now? Are you cruising along, enjoying the view and feeling the wind blowing in your hair?

Or are things kind of chaotic, tough, grinding?

Clients sometime ask me – how easy should things be?

Good question. 

How easy do you want it to be?

I am reminded of a conversation a few years ago with a mentor of mine.  We were sipping tea while she listened to a long list of things I was working on.  At the end of me spilling my guts, she said “Felicia, you know how in university, sometimes you take hard courses, and you want to make sure that not ALL your courses are hard?  You know that it’s okay to take a few courses that is easy, right?”

Hmm.  I didn’t know.  I took Electrical Engineering.  Everything seemed hard, and I assumed everything would be hard.  No?

She smiled, and then gave me permission to take a few easy courses when it comes to my business.  “Felicia, you’re not in Electrical Engineering anymore.”  Oh, I forgot.

So, how easy should things be?  Here is what I learned from Electrical Engineering:

  • there are bound to be hard courses, especially if you sign up for Electrical Engineering
  • you want to make sure that you are not taking all the hard courses in the same semester
  • it’s okay to pick courses that are easy and fun (like Japanese 101.  So cute.)
  • it’s also okay to take hard courses, and they don’t even seem so hard when you are prepared for them
  • A hard course isn’t so hard when you befriend a smart guy in class to help you out (bonus too if he’s really good lookin’ … but I digress)
  • You actually learn very cool things in hard courses, and you only appreciate it after the exam is over

So, the goal isn’t really to make things really easy, all of the time. The key is about knowing when you’re going to hit a new challenge, prepare for it, and grow from it.  We didn’t learn to walk in one day, nor should we expect to cruise in our business overnight.

How do you want to design your course load?


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