Taking Ownership

Taking Ownership

Learning_ToolA nice young gentleman approached me after a speaking engagement and asked “Felicia, may I ask you, since I know you are a licensee of GhostCEO … I want to know, do they give you leads?”  I said “No, I get my own leads based on GhostCEO business development tools, these same tools that I share with my clients are the same tools that I use for my own business development”.  And then he asked “Do you think that’s right?”

Yes, I think that’s right.  Why?  Because instead of being given fish, I’d rather learn to fish.

If you are transitioning from corporate employment to self employment, this is the first mindset that has to change.  Perhaps you are now a franchisee, or a licensee, or an associate of a larger brand (like a mortgage broker, realtor, or insurance broker), where you are given some intellectual property and/or branding to build your business.

Don’t rely on your franchisor or licensor or corporate headoffice to give you everything.  Obviously you would have done the research to make sure that what they give you is worth the price you have paid to be associated with them, but after that, take the ownership and responsibility for your own success.

After all, even if you are given the tools to build your dream house, it is still up to you to pick up the hammer and the drill to learn how to use them well.  Don’t expect someone else to build your own house for you, and certainly don’t become a victim of excuses.  And if you are missing a tool or a skill that wasn’t provided?  Take the ownership to identify it, figure out where and how to get it, and then go get it.


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