Speak In Your Customer’s Language

Speak In Your Customer’s Language

Because entrepreneurs are so caught up in the details of what they do, I find that sometimes they forget to think from the point of view of their customer.  Here is an example of someone that gets it right, and it happens to come from the packaging of a USB microphone I bought recently.

Unless you are a sound engineer, the words cardioid, stereo, omnidirectional, or bidirectional might mean nothing to you.  How are you supposed to figure out what the heck each means?

Blue doesn’t assume that their customers are sound engineers.  So they provide a chart to correlate each mic setting to the various types of recording applications.  Doing a voiceover or a podcast?  Pick the cardioid setting.  Doing an interview with someone?  Pick bi-directional.  Brilliant, isn’t it?

Question:  Do you know if your customers are understanding your terminology or language?  If not, how can you make it easier for them?


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