Not now doesn’t mean not ever

Do you ever feel discouraged about your marketing efforts?  Do you sometimes send out marketing material, place ads in online or printed publications, exhibit at trade shows, meet countless potential customers through networking events, only to find that you don’t make a sale?

There are lots of ways to ensure that your marketing is effective.  Of course, you have to make sure that your niche markets or ideal clients understand why they should buy from you.  Of course, your pricing needs to align with the value you provide.  Of course, you need to build visibility (telling people who you are and what you do) and credibility (making sure that people understand why you are good at what you do).  However, beyond all this, there is also an element of timing.

The foundation of marketing management involves having systems to track, manage and improve the odds of meeting the right customers, educating them on why they should buy, and managing conversion rates and effectiveness of closing the sale.  However, sometimes people you meet or talk to just aren’t ready to buy from you.  They either have the need but don’t have the money, or have the money but don’t have the need.

It’s not you.  It’s them.  Don’t beat yourself up over it.  Don’t get discouraged about marketing, don’t stop networking, don’t stop building business, don’t quit because people have said no to you.  Not now doesn’t mean not ever.

Instead, keep finding ways to meet the right clients, and at the same time, don’t throw away your previous efforts by losing touch with people that you have met.  Develop a system so that you have an easy, low-effort way to keep in touch.  I’ve given countless seminars, gone to hundreds of networking events, and have spoken to thousands of potential clients.  Not everyone hires me right away. Some never work with me because we are not the right fit and will never be (I refer them to other coaches), others hire me months or years down the road when the timing is right.

Here are a few examples of great ways to keep in touch with prospective customers:

  • Build a mailing list and send out email newsletters with helpful, relevant information at regular intervals
  • Build your social media profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, blogging etc) to make it easy for your clients to get to know you and engage with you
  • Offer free or low-cost and low-risk versions of your products or services (basic models, introductory pricing, group classes instead of one-on-one, ebooks or downloadable products, trial size products) to experience buying from you

What can you do to keep in touch with people that are not ready to buy from you now (but might very well later)?

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