Talking Money With Clients

At yesterday’s Coaches Corner, we had a full house of entrepreneurs discussing the topic “Talking Money With Clients”.  Here is the gist if you missed it:

1)  Many are fine with talking about their company, services and products, but when it comes to pricing and money, they feel awkward

2) If you are uncomfortable asking for money, your customer will be uncomfortable giving it to you

3) The conversation about money isn’t really about money.  It is about how price relates to the various components of your offering.  Things to think about:

– Are you showcasing value?
– Are you giving customers different terms options?
– Are you demonstrating a solution to a real problem?
– Are you recognizing what buying from you says about them?
– Are you pricing appropriately for your market position?

Once you know the answers to the above questions, lead the prospective client through a process of education so that they understand the tremendous value of buying from you! A prospective client should always go away knowing your value, your solutions, your position, and the benefits you bring to the table.

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