Design the outcome you want to achieve

In a recent conversation with a good friend and life coach, Tania from Integral Connections, I shared that my overloaded Spring/Summer schedule was causing increasing crankiness.  At the end of a typical work day, I went home tired and wanting to crawl into bed.  Tania asked me a series of questions, and what became clear was that I had not been very intentional about having a schedule that aligned with my values and what’s important, such as building in time for spending with family and kids, time for personal and professional growth, etc.

Do you find that this happens to you?  We go along working in our business, and then all of a sudden, we are over-scheduled, tired, and dreading the next day.  There was one week where I was in back-to-back sessions for 4 days.  It somehow crept up on me.  Like boiling a frog.

So I took this weekend to design the outcome that I want for my August schedule.   From a blank, clean slate.  First step, fill in the days that I’m taking off to enjoy the season (being hopeful here, please Mr. Summer And Ms. Warm Days, will you come soon?).  Secondly, fill in the days I want to work on the business – sharpen the saw, do strategic planning, read that book that I bought two months ago.  Thirdly, fill in the days to meet clients and conduct business meetings.

Then I sat back and looked at my August.  I like what I see.

What is the one outcome that you’ve been wanting to achieve?  Perhaps now is a good time to sit down and ponder what’s important about the outcome?  Once you know the answer, allocate some time to design it and bring it to fruition!


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