You don’t learn to ride a bike from reading a manual

When people find out that I’m a business coach, they often get excited and then want to share their “million dollar idea” with me, as long as I promise not to tell anyone.  In fact, there was once when someone e-mailed and wanted business coaching, but asked how they can be sure I wouldn’t just take their super-amazing idea and steal it right from them.  (insert eye-roll here)

The thing is, ideas are a dime a dozen, the key to success is in execution.

There is only so much you can do from reading books, taking courses, asking for advice, or testing theories on paper.  I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do any of the above, but that eventually you have to take the plunge to find out.  You can’t learn to ride a bike from reading a manual!

Your first business idea might not be brilliant.  For most entrepreneurs that hit “The One Brilliant Idea”, it’s likely not their first venture, or second, or even third.  Just like learning to ride, you need to be on the seat, trying to peddle, struggling for a few days, before you hit your stride.  Awareness of opportunities and gaps is a muscle.  It develops over time, as one becomes more seasoned.

For those that are just starting out, here’s a suggestion.  Don’t look for that perfect idea that requires you to invest your life savings.  Try something small.  Perhaps a part-time business, perhaps partnering with someone, or buying into a proven model.  Get some experience with running a business, and expect there will be ups and downs.  Don’t be married to the initial business idea, but focus on adapting to the environment or circumstance.  Over time, if you persist in the game, you’ll be spotting gaps and discovering opportunities that only you can uniquely provide solutions for.

But you have to actually get out there and get on a bike to start.  The question is, how long have you been reading the manual?

And as for that individual that asked me if I can coach them without them telling me what their idea is, I happily referred them to another coach.  We both lived happily ever after.

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