Losing Your Audience? Check your Headlines

Ever feel that despite detailed explanations on the features and benefits of what you offer, prospective clients or customers don’t buy?  A quick tip: ask yourself if they are engaged?

In a sales meeting, it is completely normal for business owners to be very excited about their products, and they want to convey their enthusiasm and knowledge by sharing all the details.  However, in this case, it can be too much of a good thing.  If you are finding that you are talking over 80% of the time in a meeting, chances are that your prospective client is getting lost in the details.

Ever heard of the term “sales vomit”?  This refers to the sales person that goes on and on and on about the wonderful features and how buying their product will save you time and money and blah blah blah … we’ve all been on the receiving end of an over-enthusiastic salesperson’s efforts, and know how quickly our mind turns off.

Less is more.  Think about how you read newspapers.  You first scan the headline, determine if the article is interesting or worth reading, then read the details.  There is an art to writing a killer headline.  It needs to be concise, conveys the theme of the article, and entices the reader to read more.  Try this at home: pick up a newspaper and dive into articles without reading the headlines.  How well does it work?

And how interesting or compelling is your headline?

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