Stop Procrastination!

How many tasks are on your To-Do lists that you are procrastinating on?  Here are a few ideas to help you get started to combat procrastination:

  1. Don’t be a perfectionist.  Settle for the 90% solution!
  2. Have a problem getting started?  Pick one small portion of one task to get started.
  3. Have a problem completing a task?  See 1.
  4. Break up big tasks into more manageable pieces.
  5. Remove interruptions (eg. turn off e-mail, forward phone to voice-mail, find a quiet location to work for a few hours)
  6. Set deadlines for yourself.
  7. Go through your list and decide if you need to do all of them.  What can be deferred, delegated, or simply deleted?
  8. Consider the consequences that might come up if you delay acting on the task.
  9. Assign a reward when you complete an unpleasant task.
  10. Block off a chunk of time in your calendar to tackle one specific task.
  11. Prioritize your list, and tackle the top 3.
  12. Reduce your to-do list to no more than the number of tasks you can handle.  If something needs to come on, something has to drop off the list.

What other ways have you found useful to get you beyond procrastination?

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