Financial Literacy for Mom Entrepreneurs

A common theme I see in working with many mom entrepreneurs is that many of us aren’t all that literate when it comes to the financial side of our business.  Sure, we know how much sales we make or want to make.  But when the conversation goes beyond the top line –  say on topics in figuring out how we should be paying ourselves, or optimizing tax structure, or even knowing how to interpret financial statements, I see a lot of blank looks.

To be honest, the information is out there.  We can talk to our accountants.  We can read books.  But we don’t.  Partly because we don’t even know what questions to ask our accountants, and partly because we are so very time crunched.

Which is why I’m so thrilled to be partnering with the Financial Literacy Counsel, an organization providing financial education and counseling services, to offer a quick afternoon workshop on demystifying the financial side of things.

Date: June 21st 1-4pm

Location: 300 – 1111 W. Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6E 2J3

Price: promotional introductory price $79 (regular $129 value)

Here is what you can expect to learn:

  • Assessing the overall financial health of your business:
    • Learn tips and the proper way to read a balance sheet
    • Understand and calculate the present value of your business
  • Reinvesting in my business versus paying myself
    • What is the criteria?
    • What should my timeline look like?
  • Optimizing my tax and business structure
    • When does it make sense to incorporate?
    • How should I structure my corporation?
    • Should I incorporate my family into the business?
    • Receive a list of tip and resources for what you can write off
  • Managing your books and working with an accountant
    • What should I know?
    • How do I pick an accountant?
    • Top 5 questions you should ask your accountant
  • Creative ways to grow your business
    • 4 ways of earning money: how everyone can be an investor
    • Case studies of local businesses: what separates companies that flourish from those that flounder

There is a limited number of spots available.  Register before space runs out!

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