Introducing the Make It Business Bookclub for Entrepreneurs

I love the idea.  A great business book, a cup of coffee, and 12 entrepreneurs sitting down to discuss what they’ve learned and how they are applying concepts from a top-selling business book.  This is the Make It Business Book Club.  This is way better than just your average networking event.  In a mere 90 minutes meeting, you learn so much from every participant.  Each brings thoughts and insights, challenges and solutions from their businesses, and you get to know each other on a level that you wouldn’t normally do at a regular networking event.

I invite you to join us in an upcoming meeting.  I will be facilitating one on April 14, and we are discussing Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson.  I’m a big fan of Guerilla Marketing, and can’t wait to hear how others are using strategies from this book in their business.  Come share and learn with us!

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