Facing Your Competition

It’s been fascinating watching athletes compete in the Winter 2010 Olympics right here in our backyard. I really enjoy watching the post-race interviews with the winning athletes, where they are asked how they felt, how they prepared, and what went through their minds during the races. Most will speak about the rigorous training they undertook, the support from a cast of families and coaches, and the mental preparation they did just prior to racing. No one talks about how they outsmarted the competition by carefully copying what they do.

I noticed that in our business, sometimes we spend too much time laboring over what our competitors are doing instead of focusing on what we are doing or can be doing in our own business. Are you guilty of stalking your competition and copying what they do instead of innovating within your business? Sure, you need to do your due diligence regularly and know where you are positioning yourself vs. where your competitors are. But make sure you’re not spending all your efforts watching what they do and playing catch up or copycat. Instead, do like the athletes do – focus on your own performance, know where you are and where you need to improve, and build your support team to help you excel and prepare for the race.

On race day, don’t even worry about your competition, but focus completely on your own mental preparation!

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