Speaking Your Customer’s Language

I love talking to different business owners about what they do. There is a big difference between the successful ones and the ones who are struggling.

Successful entrepreneurs know how to communicate. A few minutes is usually adequate for them to outline the services they offer and the solutions they are bringing to their target markets. The ones who are struggling have a difficult time expressing what exactly they are selling. If you can’t tell me what you are selling and how it benefits your clients in a few minutes, chances are that your customers don’t get it either.

For example, I was speaking to a DJ recently. He has been doing gigs at weddings, but wants to break into the corporate market. I asked him why corporations should hire him. “Because I am professional, and I’m punctual.” Right. That’s exactly what the other 99.99% population of DJ’s servicing the same market would say. Who’s going to say “I’ll come only in sweat pants, and I may be late?” It wasn’t until about 15 minutes later of probing that I discovered he has a talent for never having empty dance floors. He knows how to sense the crowd, what music to play, how to get people off their butts and onto the dance floor. Now that’s something a social committee in a corporation would want to hear. “I’m the guy that helps you team-build, brings morale up, and breaks the ice – so you’ll never think that you should have just plugged in an iPod at your event”.

What language are you using when you speak to your customers? Are you actually speaking to and addressing their problems? Or are you merely listing off your features?

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