New Year Resolution

It’s a new year, and it’s resolution time.  Do you make them?  Do you keep them?

It’s a brand new decade, and I have 2 resolutions:

  1. Integrate fitness into my life on a more regular basis
  2. Organize my home so I don’t have paper piles everywhere

The way to be successful with resolutions is to establish new habits, and recognize that it takes time to integrate them into your daily routine.  Mine is a 6-month plan.  I’m currently seeing a personal trainer on a very regular basis, and am hoping to find exercise something that becomes a habit in a few months’ time.  In terms of organization, I’m using the principles found in Regina Leed’s “One Year to an Organized Life“.

So far so good.  If you see me, ask me about how these are going.  After all, a key part of seeing resolutions come to fruition is having someone (or behold, the Internet) hold you accountable for your plans, right?

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