10 things I wish I knew when I started my business

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I’ll be adding one new video per week, starting week of April 16, 2012, covering the following topics:

  1. It will take twice as long as you think to build revenues. Focus on building visibility and credibility instead of counting customers.
  2. Get over your fear of <insert area you want to avoid in your business>
  3. Learn how to befriend failure, or at least look at her in the face without falling apart
  4. Pace yourself
  5. Don’t do entrepreneurship on your own.
  6. Build a tribe
  7. Don’t worry about your competition too much
  8. Invest in yourself
  9. Take action. Why 80% is better than perfect.
  10. Get to know your customer. As in, really, get to know them.

Each topic will be explored in detail … add your name in the box on the right to be notified when a video becomes available!