Profitable Residential Realtor ePACK

In the Profitable Residential Realtor ePACK, fundamental business development systems are broken down for agents to integrate into their existing practices. Some of the main components we cover include:

•    Setting clear personal, professional, and financial goals
•    Targeting niche markets
•    Customizing the way you talk to niche markets
•    Recruiting the help of champions in finding listings and buyers
•    Strategic alliances you should put in place to deliver opportunities to you and your clients
•    Working through a sales funnel to track opportunities
•    Avoiding the common pitfalls realtors face in their day to day businesses

All tools are based on the fundamental systems of the Ghost CEO business model. All have a step by step approach with measurements in place for you track your progress. It’s one thing to be good at what you do; it’s another to make great money at it. This ePACK will show you how to do both.

•    Over 60 pages of relevant content for your industry
•    Real-world examples
•    11 worksheets and checklists
•    Clarity on how to move niche markets to prospects, to presentations, and finally to clients.

This is one of the best investments you can make in your business and you will see immediate results as soon as you implement the tools.

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