Building Your Professional Value ePACK

Generate opportunities by understanding the intricacies of increasing your professional value in business. When you build your value with intention, you will reap the spoils of leadership. Three components that make up professional value are: Reputation, specialized skill set, and a powerful business network. Learn how to build all three of these areas to jump-start your position in business.

Employees who have high professional value:

  • Get paid more than their counterparts with less value
  • Negotiate better time off
  • Are promoted much quicker
  • Are the last to be laid off in case of a downsizing
  • Get the best projects to work on
  • Are groomed for advancement
  • Are given more responsibility
  • Are considered equals to those they report to
  • Become invaluable to the company they work for

Entrepreneurs who have high professional value:

  • Can charge more for your services/products
  • Can be more selective with the type of clients they work with
  • Have clients work within their model rather than conforming to the client
  • Are in demand by the market
  • Have strategic alliances competing to align with them
  • Have a strong brand in the market that automates many of their business development activities
  • Experience easier negotiations with everyone they deal with

This ePACK has three core strategies, seven worksheets, and over twenty-five pages of content.

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