How can a business coach help you grow your business?

Candeo means to shine, to glow, to be brilliant. I’m Felicia Lee, a Vancouver business coach, and I’d love to help you discover your business brilliance.

Empowering you to bring exceptional growth to your business is my mission here at Candeo Business Coaching. If you’re a business owner who has a clear vision on wanting to grow, but you’re stuck, or overwhelmed with how to make it happen and what to focus on next, you’ve come to the right place.

What does your business need right now? Let’s start with your biggest challenges, the ones that are keeping you up at night. We’ll explore the 5 major categories that come up most often.

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Developing the Five Key Areas of Your Business Matrix

Every successful business goes through five key elements of growth and brand development. These are:

1. Awareness. Do people know you exist?
2. Credibility. Do people trust your brand?
3. Profitability. Are your operations efficient enough to make you profitable?
4. Systematization. Can your business run without you?
5. Leverage. Can your business model scale or expand?

At Candeo Business Coaching, we work with you on each of these five areas, helping you to explore where you are now and how to get to where you want your business going.

We’ll evaluate each of the five key areas above and identify those areas that are strong and those which need work. Then we’ll help you create a game plan to improve those areas most critical to your business, so that you can grow and build a strong, sustainable business model. Let’s get started with a look at each of the five areas.

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How to Build Visibility for Your Brand

You are working on building a market awareness for your business. But somehow, you don’t seem to be getting traction in the marketplace. Established competitors are already occupying mind space and you’re finding it hard to break through.

In short, people don’t know you exist. Candeo coaching can help build your visibility. Here are some more insights.

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How to Gain Credibility

The market knows about you. There’s visibility. There’s buzz. But it seems they aren’t buying from you, at least not yet. People who should be buying from you say they don’t have money to buy your products, or they seem interested, but don’t actually buy.

The real problem is that the market doesn’t trust you. Candeo will help you develop your credibility in the marketplace.

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How to Move Beyond Credibility to Profitability

You’ve had success bringing in business. Yet sales are inconsistent. You’re working crazy hard, but not making much money. Getting new clients seems more costly than it should be. It feels as if you’re actually making less now than you did as an employee!

Here are insights that will help you manage your cash flow.

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How to Enjoy Leverage and the Benefits it Brings

You’ve been successful at building a business that’s profitable and runs well (even without you around). Now you’re wondering what’s next. Maybe it’s time to expand to different markets, or to license or franchise your model.

I’m experienced at helping you structure your business so it can be easily scaled and licensed.

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The 5 Stages of Business Growth – VISIBILITY

Welcome to my blog series on the 5 Stages of Business Growth. Over the next five blog posts, I will be introducing you to each stage of growth as your business moves from becoming known, to becoming profitable, to a model which runs itself. As a Business Coach, my first step is to help my […]

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How to work with larger clients


Do you want to work with larger clients? In this video, Felicia shares: 3 common issues when working with larger clients 3 tips to set your business up to work with larger clients

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Business Tip: How To Make Your 2013 Business Goals Stick

Happy 2013! If you are setting new business goals for the year, check out the video to learn a new concept on how to increase the chances of your goals coming to fruition …

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Business growth success tip: Applaud the Plod


A business growth success story is made up of 3 parts: the beginning, the middle and the end. Which part does most entrepreneurs struggle with? Think about a significant or lengthy project in the past that you successfully accomplished. It might be execution of a new strategy, successful penetration into a new market.  If you’ve […]

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Information vs. Integration

information overload

Are you an information junkie? Do you subscribe to many newsletters of various gurus, all promising to solve your current challenges and help you make millions with no money down?  Do you read many blogs or books or spend hours on webinars and seminars, hoping to glean more information about how to grow? Or are […]

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Growing Your Business: Choose Your Own Adventure

choose your own path

We sometimes forget that as business owners, we get to choose our own adventure and design a business that fits our vision and mission.

Sure, in every business, you need the essentials: the product/service that clients need or want, the marketing and sales systems that bring in the revenues, and people and operations to keep things running smoothly. With every client, I check that the above systems are in place, and if not, we work on what the business needs.

Then, once the basics are in place, we start to co-create the future. Here is where business meets art.

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